Sunday, November 28, 2021

West District Cross Country Champs

The West District Cross Country Championships were held on Sunday 4th December at Mosshill Industrial Estate, Ayr.  Well done to all athletes who competed on a thankfully dry and bright day in Ayr.  Performances of note are listed below.


Anna Tait won individual Silver for U20W in a time of 19.40

Charlie Milarvie won individual Bronze for U17M in a time of 24.07

Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty won individual Silver for U15G in a time of 15.29

Valencia Wright won individual Silver for U13G in a time of 12.01


U17M won Silver in a team consisting of Charlie Milarvie (24.07), Lewis Priest (24.42) and Robbie Smith (25.04)

U15G won Silver in a team consisting of Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty (15.29), Isla Britton (15.56) and JoJo Littlefield (16.50)

U13B won Silver in a team consisting of Devan Miller (11.43), Fraser Gilmour (12.00) and Russell Barnett (12.45)


Linda Innes

Dunbartonshire XC Championships

The Dunbartonshire AAA Cross Country Championships was held at a wet and soggy Balloch Castle Country Park on Sunday 13th November 2016.  VP-Glasgow was very well represented with our teams doing particularly well.  Performances of note are listed below.  The event doubled as our Club Cross Country Championships and everyone who placed 1st to 3rd will receive a medal at the AGM on Wednesday the 23rd of November.

Very well done to all athletes who competed and thank you to everyone who uploaded photographs onto facebook.  We were particularly pleased to see those who competed the day before at Milton Keynes.


Saul McGlennon (00:06:58), Christian McKay (00:07:16) and Ben Thomson (00:07:31) were the 2nd U11B team.   Saul was 3rd individual U11B.



Sophie Sinclair (00:07:35), Rebecca Elsby (00:08:04) and Zoe Wilson (00:08:13) were the 1st U11G team.

Sophie, Rebecca and Zoe were respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd individual U11Gs.



Fraser Gilmour (00:11:15), Russell Barnett (00:11:23) and Devan Miller (00:11:31) were 1st U13B team.

Fraser and Russell were respectively 2nd and 3rd individual U13Bs.


Valencia Wright (00:11:41), Beth Bushell (00:13:44) and Nicole McGilp (00:14:31) were 3rd U13G team.

Valencia was 2nd individual U13G.



JoJo Littlefield (00:19:44), Rhian Callan (00:21:24) and Jenna Little (00:22:43) were 1st U15G team.  JoJo was 1st individual U15G.



Calum Byrne (00:19:01) was 7th, Blayne Wright (00:19:23) was 10th and Jack MacKinnon (00:19:31) was 12th.



Robbie Smith (00:17:22) was 1st individual U17M, Calum Brown (00:20:12) was 8th and Fergus Blyth (00:20:36) was 9th.



Beth (00:22:52) was 2nd Individual U17W.



Max Milarvie (00:31:15), Kieron Rafferty (00:31:40), Calum Heirs (00:35:05) and Crawford Little (00:35:24) were 3rd Men’s team.

Max was 3rd individual U20M.  Crawford Little was 1st individual M50.  Kenny McVey (00:35:53) was 4th M60.


The following will be awarded medals at the AGM on Wednesday the 23rd of November for success in this years Club Cross Country Championships.

Saul McGlennon, Christian McKay, Ben Thomson, Sophie Sinclair, Rebecca Elsby, Zoe Wilson, Fraser Gilmour, Russell Barnett, Devan Miller, Valencia Wright, Beth Bushell, Nicole McGilp, Calum Byrne, Blayne Wright, Jack MacKinnon, JoJo Littlefield , Rhian Callan, Jenna Little, Robbie Smith, Calum Brown, Fergus Blyth, Beth Gibbons, Max Milarvie, Kieron Rafferty, Calum Heirs, Crawford Little and  Kenny McVey.


Linda Innes

National Short Course Championships

The National Short Course XC Championships were held on Saturday 5th November at the King George V Playing Fields in Renfrew where the course was dry, fast and mud free.  VP-Glasgow was well represented – well done to all athletes who competed.  Team and individual performances of note are listed below.


Individual Medals

Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty won the U15G Gold in a time of 00:07:26

Anna Tait won the U20W Bronze in a time of 00:14:30

Suzanne Gilmour won the F40 Gold in a time of 00:15:00


Team Medals

The U15G team consisting of Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty (00:07:26), Isla Britton (00:07:56) and JoJo Littlefield (00:08:03) won Silver.

The U17M team consisting of Charlie Milarvie (00:10:05), Robbie Smith (00:10:07) and Lewis Priest (00:10:28) won Silver.

Cross Country Update

Kenny McVey has sent in an update of all the Cross Country results for the month of October.

Scottish CC Relay Championships. 

 Sat. 22-10-16.


 A Team 10th.

 Afewerki Hailey             10th       12:22.

 Max Malarvie                 12th       13:00.

 Jamie MacKinnon         12th       12:54.

 Martin Hayes                  10th       12:40.

 B Team 42.

 Duncan Thomson           81st      15:14.

 David Vernon                   55th      13:07.

 Kieron Rafferty                37th      13:06.

 Gerry Craig                       42nd     15:06.

 Vet50 Team 12th.

 Ralph Connolly                12th      15:50.

 Peter Ramsay                  13th      16:52.

 Gordon Murray                16th      18:28.

 D Team.

 Damien Moore              101st       16:13.

 Kenny McVey                112th       22:04.

 Ladies 3rd Team.

 Mhairi Henry                      5th       13:59.

 Philipa Millage                   3rd       14:48.

 Jo Moultrie                         3rd       13:38.

 Anna Tait                            3rd        14:19.

 Dunbartonshire CC Relay Championships. 

 Sun. 16-10-16.


 A Team 2nd.

 Chris  Boyle                        6th        14:42.

 Steven Bryce                      2nd       14:20.

 Ciaran Kelly                        3rd        14:52.

 Martin Hayes                     2nd        12:48.

 B Team 2nd.

 Patrick Bowman               3rd         14:30.

 Crawford Little                  7th         15:39.

 Alex Potter                         8th         16:32.

 Stewart Barnett                 7th         16:22.

 C Team  11th.

 Damien Moore                12th         16:47.

 Tom Ord                           12th         17:10.

 Jonathan Millar               11th         16:21.

 Peter Ramsay                  11th         17:47.

 D Team.

 Kenny McVey                   17th         22:55.

 West District CC Relay Championships.

 Sat. 08-10-16.


 A Team 4th.

 Afewerki Haile                  2nd           12:21.

 Jamie MacKinnon           5th            12:52.

 Max Milarvie                     5th            13:00.

 Martin Hayes                    4th            12:46.

 B Team 18th.

 Patrick Bowman            38th            14:16.

 Chris Boyle                     31st            13:54.

 Kieron Rafferty              19th            13:22.

 Steven Bryce                  18th            13:42. 

 C Team 55th. (15th Vet Team).

 Ralph Connolly               59th            15:23.

 Duncan Thomson          54th            15:18.

 Tom Ord                          55th            16:35.

 Jonathan Millar              54th            16:06.

 D Team.

 Damien Moore               73rd             16:13.

 Kenny McVey                 77th             21:39.

 Ladies A Team 3rd.

 Mhairi Henry                    2nd            14:19.

 Julie Dobin                       2nd            15:35.

 Anna Tait                          3rd             14:27.

 Ladies B Team 5th.

 Suzanne Gilmour             5th             14:35.

 Rhian Daws                       4th             15:03.

 Claire Thompson             5th              15:36.