Sunday, December 05, 2021

Achilles Heel - The Story So Far

Katie Alexander is the founder of Achilles Heel Limited, based at 593 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 8HX.

She opened ‘Achilles Heel’ in November 2000, based in a cupboard sized unit within De Courcy's Arcade, in the heart of the West End of Glasgow. 

Katie had for many years been a personal trainer and always took a keen interest in fitness.  She became increasingly active in running as a hobby, finding herself hooked she developed into a devoted runner, taking part in many events.  This opened her eyes to the possibility of turning her hobby into a business.  With the support of her family and friends she has successfully achieved this.

Katie is unique having the same passion for her running as for her business.  She has been able to develop her ability and training experiences over the years which has given her immense knowledge of the running world.  This has enabled her to provide a first class service to the public, by giving them the high quality products which they demand.  She is always available to give advice and support to all who request it.

The cupboard sized unit in De Courcy’s Arcade was extended twice before relocating into the now more substantial store based on Great Western Road, accommodating a sizeable office and mail order facility which has currently been extended world wide.

Katie now employs a keen team of staff including daughter Sam and son Steven who are equally motivated to run the business along side their mum.  The other members of the team are also running enthusiasts and are all fully trained to give the same first class service too.  This enables the shop to keep the high standards that she has set from day one.

The business continues to be lead by Katie who remains committed to fulfilling her customers needs by her innovation.