Monday, June 25, 2018

Road Running Update

Road Running Update

Aberdeen 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 22-11-14.
 Emma Kay           25th     3rdLady     22:15.

 Edinburgh 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 22-11-14.
 Gavin Wright            37th.     5thV45          19:34.
 Blayne Wright           55th     1stU14Boy     10:08.
 Valencia Wright       29th     1stU10Girl      20:52. 

 Springburn 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 22-11-14.
 Lynn Doherty             50th     17thLady         30:09.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 22-11-14.
 Colin Rae                     34th     4thV45             20:59.
 Beth Gibbons              64th     1stU14Girl      22:43.

 B.A.CC. Trials.
 Sat. 29-11-14.
 Sen. Men.
 Sean Fontana              61st.     31:18.
 Craig Jardine                77th      22:28.
 Jamie MacKinnon       22nd      18:22.
 Gillian Black                   8th       15:58.
 Valencia Wright            5th         7:50.

 Glasgow Uni. 5ml. Road Race.
 Sat. 29-11-14.
 Marc Austin                    1st                       25:24.
 Donna Finlayson        82nd    9thLady     32:01.
 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 29-11-14.
 Mark Ashby                   7th     2ndV50      18:33.
 Colin Rae                     35th      4thV45      20:56. 
 Louis Sharp                  45th     2ndU10     21:44.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 6-12-14.
 Mark Ashby               9th     1stV50     18:37.
 Pollok 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 6-12-14.  
 Ruairdh Bryce          19th    1stU17     20:03.

 Strathclyde 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 6-12-14.
 Gavin Wright            15th     3rdV45          19:24.
 Valencia Wright       27th     1stU10girl    21:01.   

Kenny McVey  

Christmas Handicap

Christmas Handicap

The Christmas Road Race was held on Saturday the 21st of December around the short two mile Christmas Handicapcourse for Juniors and the 3 and a quarter mile MacAndrew course for Seniors.

There was a good turnout on the day with plenty of parents and coaches assisting with the marshaling of the course.
This year, for the first time, we introduced a Boccia Competition on the Club Deck for those who were unable to run the course.  It was very enthusiastically contested.
Below are the results, including the handicap adjustment.  Well done to everyone who took part.

Position   Forename Surname Age Group Position Age Group    Time  
1    Devan Miller    1st U11B  12.35s & 1st Overall
2    Valencia Wright    1st U11G    12.40s
3    Aaron Anderson    1st U13B    13.25s
4    Blayne Wright      U13B    13.28s
5    Darren Carruthers    1st U17M    13.28s
6    Jenna Little    1st U13G    13.30s  
7    Rhian Callan      U13G    13.39s  
8    Thomas Connolly    1st U15B    13.48s  
9    Calum Brown      U15B    13.54s  
10    Russell Barnett      U11B    13.582  
11    Holly Little    1st U15G    14.18s  
12    Andrew McLeod      U11B    14.24s  
13    Aiden Mooney      U11B    14.35s  
14    Catriona Scott      U11G    14.36s  
15    Tuscany Wright      U11G    14.37s  
16    Adelina Callan    1st U17W    14.46s  


17    Joanne Littlefield      U13G    15.16s  
18    Beth Gibbons      U13G    15.22s  
19    Gavin Roberts      U17M    15.37s  
20    Jenny Brady      U11G    15.38s  
21    Eve Anderson      U11G    15.44s  
22    Seona Brown      U11G    15.45s  
23    Skye Turner      U11G    15.53s  
24    Nicole McGillop      U13G    16.14s  
25    Andrew Larter      U17M    18.00s  
26    David Mott      U17M    18.14s  
27    Luke Adams      U20M    18.46s  


Position   Forename Surname Age Group Position Age Group    Time  
  Christina Roberts    Accompanying Adult  Not Timed  
  Tim Larter    Accompanying Adult    Not Timed  
  Tony Mott    Accompanying Adult    Not Timed  
  Sabrina Raeburn    Accompanying Adult    Not Timed  


Position   Forename Surname Age Group Position Age Group    Time  
1    Gavin Wright    Incomplete Course    19.39s  
2    Steven Bryce    1st Senior Male  21.18s  
3    Martin Hayes     Senior Male  21.52s  
4    Adam Redpath     Senior Male  21.58s  
5    Crawford Little     Senior Male  22.07s  
6    Ralph Connolly     Senior Male  22.09s  
7    Sandra Branney    1st Senior Female  23.14s