Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Road Running Update

The latest results from our Road Runners have been sent in by Kenny McVey.


3k On The Green.

 Fri. 26-06-15.

 Peter Jardine.             27th.      11thVet.       10:42.

 Joe Doyle.                  56th.       8thSV.          12:13.


 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 27-06-15.

 Adam Redpath.          10th.                            18:05.

 Duncan Thomson.     17th.      1stV45.         18:54.

 Alex Potter.                 22nd.     2ndV50.       19:22.

 Emma Kay.                  47th.      4thLady.       21:06.

 Fraser McDonald.       63rd.       2U14.           21:36.

 John McDonald.        82nd.      1stU17.        22:35.

 Monica Blair.              110th.     1stU14G.     23:46.

 Saul McGlennan.       136th.     1stU10.        25:14.


 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 04-07-15.

 Duncan Thomson.     12th.       2ndV45.       28:55.

 Rab Daly.                     105th.    2ndV70.       26:52.


 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 11:07:15.

 Lewis Priest.                  5th.      1stU17.         17:34.

 Duncan Thomson.       12th.    1stV45.         18:36.

 Lucy Gardner.               135th.  1stU14G.      25:36.

 Rab Daly.                      148th.   1stV70.         26:07.

 Jenna Padget.              205th.   2ndU10G.    28:25.

Road Running Results

Kenny McVey has sent in the latest set of results from our endurance athletes.  The best performance was possibly Sean Fontana's sub 30 minutes in the 10k and another incredible feat of endurance from Gerry Craig conpleting the 95 miles of West Highland Way in under 20 hours.

Parliament Hill 10000m.

 Sat. 15-05-15.


 Sean Fontana.          8th.     29:16.93.

 Kirkintilloch 10K.

 Thu. 11-06-15.

 Andy Law.                  48th.     2ndV55.     40:23.

 Emma Kay.                 65th.    2ndLady.     42:02.

 Bearsden HG. 10K.

 Sat. 13:06:15.

 Donna Finlayson.       13th.     2ndLady.     42:56.

 Springburn 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 13-06-15.

 Louis Sharp.                 18th.   1stU10Boy.   22:26.

 West Highland Way 95ml Race. 

 Gerry Craig.                  11th.     7thVet.     19hrs. 37min. 40sec.

 SVHC 5K Championships.

 We'd. 24:06:15.


 Andy Law.                      35th.     4thV55.     18:31.

 Pollok 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 20-06-15.

 Ralph Connolly.            7th.     1stV50.     18:52.

 Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 20-06-15.

 Max Malarvie.                    1st.    1stU15.      16:38.

 Lewis Priest.                     2nd.    2ndU15.     16:41. 

 Caitlin Coyle.                123rd.    32ndLady.  26:06.

 Jenna Padgett.            137th.    41stLady.    26:45.

Road Running Results

Kenny McVey sent in the latest results from our Road Runners.

Round The Houses 10K.

 Sun. 12-04-15.


 Christine Catterson.            360th.    5thLv50.    45:56.

 SVHC Walter Ross 10K.

 Sat. 03-05-15.

 Pollok Park.

 Andy Law.                              9th.     3rdV55.     39:42.

 Tom Ord.                              14th.    5thV55.     43:32.

  SVHC Snowball Race.

 We'd. 06-05-15.

 Drumpellier Park.

 Andy Law.                             19th.     2ndV55.     30:16.

 Tom Ord.                               31st.     4thV55.      33:23.

 Great Manchester 10K.

 Sun. 10-05-15.

 Beth Potter.                           13th.     34:25.

 Dunblane 7.5MLK Road Race.

 Sun. 10-05-15.

 Gavin Wright.                          9th.     4thV40.      49:54.


 Thu. 14-05-15.

 Lewis Serpell.                        47th.     1stU17.          36:41.

 Alex Potter.                         107th.     12thV50.       39:33.

 Damien Moore.                   119th.                            40:05.

 Becky Dunphy.                    184th.     13thLady.     42:54.

 Lynn Doherty.                     711th.     204thLady.   64:33.


 Sun. 17-05-15.

 Gerry Craig.                         3rd.      1stVet.      81:43.

 Mark Ashby.                       10th.    1stV50.     89:44.

 Dumbarton 10K.

 Thu. 21-05-15.

 Alex Potter.                        116th.     8thV50.      38:50.

 Mark Ashby.                       148th.     5thV55.      39:51.

 Damien Moore.                  160th.                         40:07.

 Becky Dunphy.                   183rd.     13thLady.  40:59.

 Emma Kay.                          203rd.    16thLady.   41:32.

 Colin Rae.                            255th.     50thV40.   43:02.

 Lynn Doherty.                    687th.                         63:07.

 Clydebank 10K.

 Thu. 28-05-15.

 Duncan Thomson.             85th.     27thV50.     37:36.

 Alex Potter.                      113th.     11thV50.     38:53.

 Becky Dunphy.                145th.      9thLady.     40:00.

 Christine Catterson.        287th.      6thLv50.     44:50.

 Lynn Doherty.                 641st.     186thLady.  60:42.

 Edinburgh Marathon.

 Sun. 31:05:14.

 Gerry Craig.                       30th.     5thV45.      2:50.57.

 Victoria Park 5K Park Run.

 Sat. 06:06:15.

 Duncan Thomson.            6th.     1stV45.     18:50.

 Colin Rae.                        22nd.     2ndV45.    21:01.

 Genna Padgett.            139th.     1stU10G.   28:27.

 Vale Of Leven 10K.

 Sun. 07-06-15.

 Marc Austin.                    6th.     1stU23.     32:54.

 Christine Catterson   232nd.     8thLv50.   45:46.


Kenny McVey

Marathon Success

Marathon success and news from New Mexico.

News from New Mexico. At the Brian Clay Invite Track & Field match in Azusa California on the 17th of April, Nicola Hood opened her Steeplechase season with a win in the 3000m chase in 10:25.59 in fastest group. They had over 60 runners in the Women’s Steeplechase divided into 3 seeded groups of 20+, I doubt if we have as many as that in the whole of the UK. Great start to the season Nicola

The ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford took place on Sunday 19th April and saw the largest number of finishers in the race’s 39 year history. 8053 runners including a large British elite field crossed the finish line on Sir Matt Busby Way at Old Trafford Football Stadium, cheered on by thousands of spectators and lots of supporting communities along the route. Slightly overcast skies and temperatures of 14 degrees C made for perfect running conditions on the flat course,

We had two girls from the club competing in Manchester this year and both had really good runs, with Alison Kerr clocking  3:02.19 a P.B. by over 2 minutes and Emma Kay who ran 3:13.23 a P.B. by almost 15 minutes. Super runs ladies.

On Sunday 26th April Donna Finlayson ran the London Marathon, in 3:05.42 a P.B by almost 6 minutes.I bet it was quite a change from the Lochaber Marathon last year, she also managed to raise almost £400:00 for Quarrier’s Home.

Also competing from the Club were Mark Ashby who finished in a time of 3:03.39, Alex Potter who finished in a time of 3:24. 22 and Gerry Craig who finished in a time of 3:30.08.

Abbey McGhee ran the Madrid Rock & Roll Marathon on Sunday 26th April and achieved another P.B. of 2:56.42 after running the Paris Marathon last year. Seems Abbey likes to practice her language skills.  Well done Abbey.

Graham Smith