Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rab Daly

Rab has very generously donated a collection of old Club Yearbooks from the years 1950-1965. If you click on the image (right) you can see the inside pages highlighting the Club Honours list upClick to see inside. to 1950.

Rab is a long time member of the Club who is still competing at the age of 70 years and won his first Scottish vest in 2006, competing as a Vet in the British and Irish Cross Country International.

He inherited some of the yearbooks and Cross Country Programme's from Dougie Campbell who was a member of the Club from 1954 till 1969. Rab tells me that although Dougie is older than he is and his sight is fading, he still trains regularly at Nethercraigs.

Thanks to Rab and Dougie for their generosity, we'll take good care of their collection and hopefully display some of it within our planned cabinet at Scotstoun Stadium.