Monday, January 20, 2020

Scottish Athletics Indoor League

The SAIL Final and Relays took place within the Emirates Arena on Saturday 17th March 2018.  It was a hugely enjoyable day, ending with lots of VP-Glasgow athletes standing on the winners’ podium.  7 teams from VP-Glasgow competed in the Final and 6 of our teams medalled. There were some very fine performances which resulted in the Team medals. 

VP-Glasgow is very proud of how our athletes conducted themselves throughout the day – enthusiastic and good-humoured.  Very well done to all who competed.


Team consisting of Sarah Bonad, Jenna Hilditch, Zoe Wilson, Cara Kirkwood and Meghan Porterfield were 3rd equal and won Bronze.


“A” Team consisting of Evie Greig, Katie Burr, Amy Kirkpatrick, Ellie Davidson and Abbey Orr were 1st and won Gold.

“B” Team consisting of Nicola Waite, Catriona Scott and Holly Kirkwood were 2nd equal and won Silver.

“A” Relay Team consisting of Amy Kirkpatrick, Catriona Scott, Evie Greig and Katie Burr won Gold.

“B” Relay Team consisting of Abbey Orr, Holly Kirkwood, Ellie Davidson and Nicola Waite won Bronze.


Team consisting of George Harrand, Matthew Ireland, Devan Miller and Ben Chatham were 2nd and won Silver.

Relay Team consisting of Ben Chatham, Devan Miller, Omer Mohamed and George Harrand won Bronze.


Team consisting of Rachel Hunter, Nikki Li, Emily Miller, Rhian Callan, Emily Corrigan, Grace Thompson, Lucy Gardner and Alice Baxendale were 3rd and won Bronze.

Relay Team consisting of Rachel Hunter, Emily Corrigan, Nikki Li and Emily Miller won Bronze.U15 Boys SAIL team


Relay Team consisting of Sol Stewart, Gavin Wilson, Sean McGraw and Jamie Stevenson won Silver.


Team consisting of Robyn Taylor, Dion Ingram, Adrienne Murray, Niamh Cameron Coyle and Emma Thompson were 2nd and won Silver. 

Relay Team consisting of Dion Ingram, Adrienne Murray, Emma Thompson and Robyn Taylor won Gold.


Linda Innes