Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scottish Men's League Match 3

Our team retained second top spot in the league Division 1, but only marginally on countback after a rather disappointing 6th place at Kilmarnock on 5 July. Only 13 points covered the four teams between 3rd and 6th, but we were the unlucky ones on 246 (subject to scrutiny). We had a good turnout of 16 athletes plus two guests, but once again we were unable to cover 9 scoring opportunities out of the 36 on the programme, and this cost us dear.It was good to welcome Ashim Burungu, Stephen Bryce, Nathan Merchant and Ruaridh Bryce for their first taste of the Men's League.

Our sprinters were stunning, with near maximum points and an impressive group of guests. Alec Thomas took the A 100m in a legal 10.81, then Ross Maxwell went better with a legal 10.76 in the B. Kade Thomas just edged new member Ashim Burungu (11.00 to 11.02, wind +2.6) in Guest race 2, with Sean Thompson 3rd in 11.42. Stephen Murphy took 2nd in Race 1 with a legal 11.53. John McColl won the A 200m in 22.60 (-0.4), while Kade took 3rd in the B in 23.92 (-5.8). Kade, Ross, Alec and John walzed away with the 4x100 in 42.21, just 0.71 outside our club record of 45 years ago! Our 400 runners and relay team did equally well.

Stephen Bryce sharpened up for Los Angeles with a pb in the 1500 of 4:16.85. Showing no fear against stiff opposition, he really excelled himself. 

Pick of our field eventers was Marcus Morton, 2nd in the High Jump with a new pb of 2.05m. Sam Adams took theA Pole Vault off a short run up with 4.40m. We had unexpected success in the Shot, where Paul Wishart won the A with 11.28m and veteran Gerry Farrell was 2nd B with 9.94m.

Other results: 400m 2A Alec Thomas 50.11, 1B Chris Boyle 51.98; 800m 8A Patrick Bowman 2:04.13; 1500m 6B Kieron Rafferty 4:20.43; 4x400m Team 2nd 3:27.40; 110m Hdls 6A Nathan Merchant 21.32; 400m Hdls 3A Nathan Merchant 60.05 (pb); Pole Vault 3B Andrew O'Donnell 2.40m; Long Jump 7A Sam Adams 5.67m, 6B Andrew O'Donnell 5.45m; Discus 5A Gerry Farrell 32.42m, 4B PauWishart 26.24m; Hammer 6A Gerry Farrell 31.34m, 3B Paul Wishart 27.18m; Javelin 7A Ruaridh Bryce 34.80m, 5B Gerry Farrell 31.72m   

Hugh Stevenson


Youth Development League

Match 3 of the YDL was held at a sunny Kilmarnock on Sunday 21st June.  We were placed a very creditable 2nd which, after the disaster of Match 2, was a great relief.  Just goes to prove the power of attentive team managing, talented athletes and good coverage of events.  Unfortunately, our 2nd placing is not enough to promote us to Division 1 as we were placed 4th overall – nor do we progress to this year’s Final.  However, I am confident that we will be promoted next year with the help of our very able athletes and their Team Managers.

Many thanks to all athletes who competed on Sunday and contributed to our Points total.  Very special thanks to our U15 athletes and their Team Managers who were outstanding over all 3 matches.

YDL – Lower Age Group – Team Placing on day – 2nd

U15B – Jamie Stevenson and Euan Brady were 1st “A” and 1st “B” in the 100m and with times of 12.60s and 12.91s respectively.

U15B – Eoin Gerrie and Daniel Reda were 1st “A” and 1st “B” in the 200m with times of 25.35s and 25.29s respectively.

U15B – Eoin Gerrie and Adam Orr were 1st “A” and 2nd “B” in the 300m with times of 39.00s and 41.02s respectively.

U15B – Colin Taylor was 2nd “A” in the 80mH with a time of 15.50s.

U15B – Finlay Callaghan and Adam Orr were 2nd “A” and 2nd “B” in the Shot Putt with throws of 10.49m and 8.72m respectively.  Finlay was also 3rd “A” in the Long Jump with a distance of 4.80m.

U15B – 4 x 100m Relay team was 2nd in a time of 50.57s and consisted of Jamie Stevenson, Daniel Reda, Finlay Callaghan and Euan Brady.

U15G – Emma Scott was 3rd “A” in the 100m with a time of 14.74s.

U15G – Rebecca Love and Amy Bissett were 3rd “A” and 2nd “B” in the 300m with times of 45.29s and 46.00s respectively.

U15G – Adrienne Murray and Amy Bissett were 3rd “A” and 2nd “B” in the 800m with times of 2.25.19s and 2.30.41s respectively.

U15G – Emma Gilmour and Rachel Gillespie were 1st “A” and 2nd “B” in the 1500m with times of 5.11.89s and 5.28.65 respectively.

U15G – Alice Baxendale and Grace Thompson were 2nd “A” and 1st “B” in the Discus with throws of 26.49m and 20.86 respectively.

U15G – Monica Blair and Grace Thompson were 2nd “A” and 2nd “B” in the Javelin with throws of 22.35m and 18.14m respectively.

U15G – Alice Baxendale and Rebecca Love were 2nd “A” and 1st “B” in the Shot Putt with throws of 8.55m and 7.01m respectively.

U15G – Emma Scott and Mairead Connolly were 2nd “A” and 2nd “B” in the Long Jump with distances of 4.86m and 4.53 respectively.

U15G – Cara McCauley and Grace Thompson were 3rd “A” and 2nd “B” in the High Jump with jumps of 1.40m and 1.30m respectively.

U15G – 4 x 100m Relay team was 3rd in a time of 55.79s and consisted of Rebecca Love, Amy Bissett, Monica Blair and Adrienne Murray.


U13B – Oliver Andrews was 2nd “A” in the 75mH with a time of 16.12s.

U13B – Adam Ivans and Ben Chattum were 1st “A” and 2nd “B” in the Javelin with throws of 25.54m and 14.05m respectively.

U13B – Ben Chattum and Blayne Wright were 1st “A” and 2nd “B” in the High Jump with jumps of 1.40m and 1.25m respectively.

U13G – Niamh Hay and Skye Turner were 3rd “A” and 3rd “B” in the 150m with times of 22.14s and 22.69m respectively.

U13G – Rhian Callan and Kirsty McNair were 2nd “A” and 1st “B” in the 800m with times of 2.36.20s and 2.37.04s respectively.

U13G – Lily Evans-Haggerty and Jojo Littlefield were 1st “A” and 1st “B” in the 1200m with times of 3.56.45s and 4.12.59s respectively.


U17 T & F Challenge – Team Placing on day – 3rd

Emma Thompson:   80mH – 2nd “A” in a time of 15.44s; 2nd “B” in the 200m with a time of 29.59s; 2nd “A” in the Long Jump with a distance of 4.93m.

Bethany Buchanan:  80mH – 1st “B” in a time of 12.30s; 200m – 1st “B” in a time of 27.42s; Shot Putt – 3rd “A” with a throw of 7.69m

Kirsty Elliott:  200m – 3rd “A” in a time of 28.39s

Holly Little:  800m – 1st “A” in a time of 2.27.16s; 3rd “B” in the Long Jump with a distance of 3.66m.

Jennifer Lewis:  800m – 1st “B”” in a time of 2.29.55s

Tessa Hickey:  1500m – 1st “A” in a time of 5.16.93s.

Tanvi Zachariah:  1500m – 1st “B” in a time of 6.08.20s.

U17W were placed 3rd in the 4 x 100m Relay in a time of 56.06s.

Andrew Moreland:  800m – 2nd “A” in a time of 2.10.12s

Andrew O’Donnell:  100m – 3rd “A” with a time of 12.97s; Pole Vault – 2nd “A” with a height of 2.40m; Shot Putt – 2nd “A” with a throw of 9.28m.

Liam Wynne:  100m – 1st “B” in a time of 12.78s; Shot Putt – 1st “B” with a throw of 6.90m.

James Stewart:  High Jump – 1st “A” with a jump of 1.65m.

Well done to all VP-Glasgow athletes who competed for the Club.

Linda Innes

Scottish Mens League 2

Match 2 of the Scottish Athletics League was held at Inverness on Sunday the 14th of June.

Star of this meeting at sunny Inverness's Queen's Park Stadium was VPG's David Martin, who scorched round the 400m Hurdles in a brilliant 51.47 secs, just 0.17 secs outside the league record, which has stood since 1992. It was an immaculate performance, David finishing strongly as he cleared the final barrier with fire in his eyes and made hell for leather for the line. 'I was going for the record', he observed on learning the time, with a mixture of pleasure and disappointment. That's the spirit, David. Two more chances for a pop at it this season. David followed this up with victories in the 400m flat and 4x100 relay, and pulled in two places to bring us up to 3rd in 4x400 relay.

These efforts were vital in securing 3rd place in the match in a tight finish; so after two matches we lie 2nd on 14 pts behind Aberdeen's 15 and ahead of Kilbarchan's 12.

Once again we were strong in sprints. Ross Maxwell, making a late start to the season, dipped under 11secs and took notable scalps to win the 100m. Kade Thomas backed him up with a clear win in the B race for our only clean sweep of the day. Stephen Murphy, making his League debut, took the B 200m by the narrowest of margins in a photofinish. Our sprint relay team then swept away the opposition to win by 1.5 secs, improving on our last outing by a whole second. Chris Boyle, also making a late start, shook off the cobwebs in the B 800m to set a mark for further improvement. He also ran the 4x400, an example of the excellent spirit shown by the whole team.

Marcus Morton took the High Jump for the second time on the trot, backed up by Mark Revie's 2nd B, for a near maximum score. Top throws performance was Alex Lewis's Javelin, 3rd in a tough contest in a near pb. Our other League debutant  Andrew O'Donnell scored well in Pole Vault and Long Jump. His Mum, Dad and sister came up with him. Welcome to the club!. Thanks to Tommy Boyle, there as parent, coach and supporter, and to Donald Branney and Linda Innes, there as our all important match officials.

Two matches to go, Kilmarnock on 5 July and Meadowbank on 30 August -still a chance to overhaul

Aberdeen for a first ever championship! If we can score in the 9 events where we were short at Inverness, there's hope.

Hugh Stevenson, Team Manager


100m 1A Ross Maxwell 10.99s (-1.6), 1B Kade Thomas 11.35s (+0.2); 200m 2eqA Kade Thomas 22.75s (-0.1), 1B Stephen Murphy 23.50s (+0.8): 400m 1A David Martin 49.44s, 7B David Clark 56.69s; 800m 6A Allan Ramsay 2:02.35, 3B Chris Boyle 1:58.99; 1500m 8A Allan Ramsay 4:15.79, 6B Adam Redpath 4:22.27 (pb); 400m Hdls 1A David Martin 51.47s; Long Jump 2A Ross Maxwell 6.57m, 4B Andrew O'Donnell 5.35m; Triple Jump 6A Alex Lewis 10.87m, 5B Mark Revie 10.28m; High Jump 1A Marcus Morton 1.90m, 2B Mark Revie 1.70m; Pole Vault 5A Andrew O'Donnell 2.40m; Shot 5A Paul Wishart 11.38m, 4B Gerry Farrell 9.06m; Discus 6A Gerry Farrell 33.79m, 4B Paul Wishart 28.47m; Hammer 7A Gerry Farrell 28.96m, 4B Paul Wishart 28.22m; Javelin 3A Alex Lewis 43.90m; 4x100m 1 David Clark, Kade Thomas, David Martin, Ross Maxwell 43.44s; 4x400m 3 Chris Boyle, Stephen Murphy, Allan Ramsay, David Martin 3:29.15; Guest 100m 1R1 David Clark 11.79s (-0.7), 2R2 Stephen Murphy 11.85 (-1.5)     

UKWAL Match 2

It was a small team that travelled down to Bedford for the second UKWAL match of the season on 6 June. Travel was difficult because we could get home on Saturday night and it was a long journey on Sunday because they were working on the line but it was a great team performance deserving of better than seventh place.  It leaves us in sixth place overall with a home match on 9 August so we should safely stay in Division 2.

The team was; Kirsty Barr, Emma Brown, Claire Cameron, Jill Cherry, Donna Finlayson , Karyn Glen, Chloe Lambert, Paula Murray, Anna Nelson, Mhairi Patience and Suzie Stephen. For this match, everyone deserves their own mention

Kirsty now lives in Loughborough but travelled down to compete for us in High Jump and had a good seasons opening competition with 1.60.  Emma had a great second place in 100mH, a brilliant 100m relay leg and is now our star Long Jumper.  Claire had a good fourth place in Hammer and just had time to complete her Discus before jumping into a taxi to catch a plane home for another  competition the following day. Jill won the B 200 in a new PB of 24.78 and an amazing 100m relay leg.  Donna was outstanding and did  the A string 800m, 1500m and 3000m so that the team manager could jog round all three to pick up some B string points.  Karyn came along to cover some B strings and was amazing.  She was sixth in a good quality B string High Jump, sixth in Discus and seventh in the 400m despite pulling a quad halfway round.  Chloe won the A 200, and brought us home in both relays – more about relays later.  Paula, despite a really bad cold and cough, did three throws (Hammer , Shot and Javelin) and managed a good third place in her specialist event, the Javelin. Anna was the furthest travelled of our team.  She came down from Inverness on Friday and travelled back on Sunday –  it is 510 miles from Inverness to Beford!  Despite the gale force wind, she won the 400mH, and ran a storming leg of the 4x400 relay.  Mhairi was fourth in a very good quality 100mH in a PB got a good second place in 400mH against the gale force wind and then  did both relays.  Suzie came initially for the 4x100 relay but after a good run in the B 100m, she decided to make her debut at 400m but couldn’t have picked a classier race – it was won by Victoria Ohurougu (sister of the more famous Christine).  She then went on to lead off both relays.

This is the first time in an away match we have won both relays.  Suzie led off the 4x100, Jill took over and stormed down the back straight putting us in the lead handed over to Emma who held it.  Chloe took over and brought us home in first place.  In the 4x400, Suzie started us and brought us back in about fifth place with Newham and Essex Beagles a good 30-40m ahead.  Anna took off and pulled us through to third place with NEB about 20 m ahead and Crawley about 5m.   Mhairi brought us up to second and Chloe ran an amazing leg and pulled in the NEB runner half way down the back straight and fought her off in the home straight to give us the win.

It was a really good day of athletics.  Chloe won the Points Princess and we had to give the Athlete of the Match to Suzie our 400m debutant.  Thanks to our officials, Ann, Bob, Xabier and Donald who also contributed to our points total.