Saturday, August 18, 2018

Scottish Mens League Match 4

We started a good weekend at Grangemouth on the 27th of August with second place in the final match of the Scottish Athletics League Division 1, confirming our position as third overall for the season. This was a great encouragement, a tribute to those who supported the team this season, with a few athletes sidelined or generally unavailable. Although holders Aberdeen were all conquering and worthy champions, we were just behind Central, who have been the power to be reckoned with in previous seasons.

We started the match well with strong performances in 400 Hurdles, Long Jump and Javelin to take an early lead, then slumped to fifth before a strong finish with 200m, High and Triple Jumps, Discus and relays. All thirteen athletes gave of their best. Good to see M50 Gerry Farrell back and scoring well in throws and Lewis Serpell competing first time in this league.

Our top event was 400H, with Iain Wilson taking 1st A in a pb of 58.19 and captain Martin Hayes strolling to victory in the B, holding back for his later 2nd A steeplechase. Next was High Jump, with Marcus Morton our sole A winner with 1.95m and Alex Lewis surprising us all with a pb of 1.70m for 3rd B. Our sprinters Kade Thomas and Cian O'Donnell performed solidly near the top of the field, as did our horizontal jumpers, John Scanlan, David Wilson and Corry O'Hara. The 800 and 1500m events were notable for their high quality fields, but Chris Boyle and Steven Bryce ran well at the head of the chasing groups.

Once again thanks to our officials Sheila and Hugh Baillie and coaches/ supporters Julie Boyle and John Wilson for help and encouragement.

Full scrutinised results for this and all matches this season will go up on SAL website


Hugh Stevenson

Men's Team Manager         

CSSAL Champions

Match 3 of the CSSAL took place at Grangemouth on Sunday 28th August 2016.  We came first with a total of 1082.5 points (subject to scrutiny).  This was achieved by EVERYONE who competed, officiated, team managed, coached and helped out.  You are all to be congratulated for your team spirit and club loyalty which has been very apparent during this outdoor season of competitions.  A very sincere ‘thank you’ to all.

I would like to be able to mention all of you in this report but that is really a daunting task, so performances of note are listed below.  Well done to all who competed.



Matthew Ireland was 2nd “A” and Connor McNally was 3rd “B” in the 100m with times of 14.03s and 14.47s respectively.

Russell Barnett was 3rd “A” and Fraser Gilmour was 1st “B” in the 800m with times of 2:27.6s and 2:33.34s respectively.

Aaron Purba was 3rd “A” and Ben Chatham was 1st “B” in the Shot Putt with throws of 7.35m and 6.98m respectively.

Connor McNally was 2nd “A” and Ben Chatham was 1st “B in the High Jump with heights of 1.46m and 1.37m respectively.

The 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Connor McNally, Ben Chatham, Aaron Purba and Matthew Ireland were 2nd in a time of 56.31s.



Gavin Wilson was 3rd “A” in the High Jump with a height of 1.58m.



Adam Brady was 3rd “A” in the 400m with a time of 54.00s.

James Stewart was 2nd “A” in the High Jump with a height of 1.65m.

Adam Orr was 3rd “A” and Tim Chan was 2nd “B” in the Long Jump with distances of 5.44m and 5.22m respectively.

Adam Brady was 3rd “A” and Adam Orr was 3rd “B” in the Javelin with throws of 24.79m and 19.47m respectively.


Senior Men

Ramesh Sapkota was 3rd “A” in the 100m with a time of 12.04s.

Chris Boyle was 2nd “A” in the 400m with a time of 51.38s.

Martin Hayes was 1st “A” and Ciaran Kelly was 1st “B” in the 800m with times of 1:56.18s and 2:02.41s respectively.

Andrew O’Donnell was 2nd “A” and Martin Hayes was 1st “B” in the High jump with heights of 1.64m and 1.55m respectively.

The 4 x 400m relay team consisting of Martin Hayes, Ciaran Kelly, Chris Boyle and Robbie TBC were 2nd with a time of 3:35.56s.


Masters Men

Craig Clark was 2nd “A” in the Masters Men 100m with a time of 12.83s.



Rebecca Elsby was 3rd “A” in the 80m with a time of 12.49s.

The 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Rebecca Elsby, Sophie Sinclair, Zoe Wilson and Cara Kirkwood were 2nd in a time of 1:03.34s.



Skye Turner was 3rd “A” and Ellie Davidson was 1st “B” in the 100m with times of 14.36s and 14.43s respectively.

Sophie Sinclair was 2nd “A” and Zoe Wilson was 1st “B” in the 600m with times of 1:55.53s and 2:00.25s respectively.

Valencia Wright was 1st “A” and Abbey Orr was 1st “B” in the 800m with times of 2:31.63s and 2:40.40s respectively.

Ellie Davidson was 1st “A” and Holly Kirkwood was 2nd “B” in the Long Jump with distances of 4.37m and 4.08m respectively.

Ellie Davidson was 3rd “A” and Catriona Scott was 2nd “B” in the Javelin with throws of 15.02m and 11.90m respectively.

The 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Abbey Orr, Holly Kirkwood, Ellie Davidson and Skye Turner were 1st in a time of 56.17s.



Alice Baxendale was 2nd “A” and Grace Thompson was 3rd “B” in the Shot Putt with throws of 9.73m and 7.67m respectively.

Alice Baxendale was 1st “A” and Grace Thompson was 1st “B” in the Discus with throws of TBC respectively.

The 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Nikki Li, Lucy Gardner, Lisha Carruth and Rebecca Love were 3rd with a time of 54.75s.



Robyn Taylor was 1st “A” and Jessica Mendonca-Gray was 2nd “B” in the 100m with times of 13.20s and 13.80s respectively.

Adrienne Murray was 3rd “A” and Holly little was 3rd “B” in the 300m with times of 43.43s and TBC respectively.

Amy Bissett was 3rd “A” and Lucy Cairns was 1st “B” in the 800m with times of 2:29.24s and 2:29.64s respectively.

Holly Little was 2nd “A” in the High Jump with a height of 1.46m.

Charlotte Steele was 1st “A” in the Javelin with a throw of 34.75m.

The 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Robyn Taylor, Adrienne Murray, Holly Little and Jessica Mendonca-Gray was 1st in a time of 52.87s.


Senior Women

Becky Dunphy was 2nd “A” and Donna Finlayson was 3rd “B” in the 3000m with times of 11:25.06s and 11:42.61s respectively.

Suzanne Gilmour was 3rd “B” and Julie Barnett was 1st “B” in the 800m with times of 2:37.74s and 2:52.43s respectively.

Mhairi Porterfield was 1st “A” and Louise Anderson was 2nd “B” in the Discus with throws of 32.52m and 17.73m respectively.

Louise Anderson was 2nd “A” and Eloise Speirs was 1st “B” in the Triple Jump with distances of 10.16m and TBC respectively

The 4 x 400m Relay team consisting of Suzanne Gilmour, Julie Barnett, Eloise Speirs and Amy Bissett were 3rd in a time of 4:40.75s.


Masters Women

Sandra Branney was 3rd “A” in the 3000m with a time of 12:00.89s.

Jan Bissett was 1st “B” in the 100m with a time of 17.28s.

Sandra Branney was 3rd “A” and Jan Bissett was 3rd “B” in the 800m with times of 2:53.48s and 3:25.01s respectively.



Linda Innes

YDL - Final - 2016

The Scottish Final of the YDL Lower Age group was held on Sunday 31st July  at Grangemouth Stadium.  Well done to all competing athletes and a huge thank you to the Coaches and Team Managers for getting us to the Final.  A list of the medal winners are noted below.



Matthew Ireland won Bronze in both the 100m and 200m with times of 13.78s and 28.70s respectively.

Fraser Gilmour won Bronze in the 1500m with a time of 5:07.26.



Jamie Stevenson won Gold in the 100m and Silver in the 200m with times of 11.73s and 23.82s respectively.

The U15B 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Aaron Belkewitz, Gavin Wilson, Donald Scott and Jamie Stevenson won Bronze in at time of 52.33s.


Valencia Wright won Silver in the 1200m with a time of 4:00.00 (PB).

Ellie Davidson won Silver in the 70m Hurdles with a time of 11.88s (PB) and Gold in the Long Jump with a jump of 4.64m (PB).

Abbey Orr won Gold in the High Jump with a height of 1.41m.

Catriona Scott won Gold “B” in the High Jump with a height of 1.36m (PB).



Lily Evans-Haggerty won Gold in the 1500m with a time of 4:50.24.

Alice Baxendale won a Hat Trick of medals with Gold in the Discus, Silver in the Shot Putt and Bronze in the Javelin with throws of 30.26m, 8.95m and 23.04m (PB) respectively.

Grace Thompson won Gold in the Discus “B” with a throw of 28.10m (Huge PB)

Cara McCauley won Bronze in the High Jump with a height of 1.41m.

The U15G 4 x 100m Relay team consisting of Rachel Gillespie, Nikki Li, Cosima Schwahn and Alice Baxendale won Silver in a time of 53.77s.


Linda Innes

Scottish Athletics League

The club came third once more in the Scottish Athletics League at Grangemouth on 17 July and now sit third overall in Division 1 behind Aberdeen and Central with one match to go this season. This is a great improvement after a weak showing in the first match.

Seventeen athletes took part, so we fielded a virtually complete team. Once again Martin Hayes played a captain's part, contesting five events - a comfortable win in B 400 hurdles, followed immediately by an imperious first in B 800 (1:56.91), 2nd A Steeplechase ( 9:40.77), then straight to the 110 hurdles , earning 10 points for 5th A, before winding up by bringing us up to 3rd on the anchor leg of the 4x400 relay.

We had only one A string winner - Sam Adams, Pole Vault, 4.40m, but several seconds - Steven Beattie, 100m 11.15, Max Ralston, 1500m 4:08.48, Marcus Morton, High Jump, 1.90m, Alexander Lewis, Javelin, 46.07m. We welcomed two new athletes for their League debut - Cian O'Donnell for a great pb in the long Jump 6.35m, 11.50 in the Guest 100m and a leg of the 4x100m, and Afwerki Haile, who took 4th in 5000m in 15:31.33.

Among other good results, some admittedly helped by a strong wind, were David Wilson's Triple (13.45m) and Long (6.33m) Jumps. On the other hand, it was hard for middle distance runners, so Stephen Bryce's near-pb of 4:17.96 in 1500m was worthy of note. A final word for our relay runners who amassed a critical 24 points with third places in the final two events, some agreeing to a bit of persuasion - 4x100m Ramesh Sapkota, David Wilson, Cian O'Donnell, Steven Beattie (45.09), 4x400m David Wilson, Chris Boyle, Iain Wilson, Martin Hayes (3:33.84).

Thanks as usual to those who performed the vital job of volunteering to officiate, Hugh Baillie, Field Referee, and Julie Boyle, and also to coaches, parents and supporters who came to encourage the team. The final match will be at Grangemouth on Saturday 27 August, when we hope to consolidate our fine showing this season.


Hugh Stevenson, Men's Team Manager