Tuesday, June 18, 2019

National Cross Country Relays

Lindsays Scottish Athletics National Cross Country Relay Championships took place on Saturday 21st October at Cumbernauld House

Well done to all VP-Glasgow athletes who competed.  Performances of note are listed below.


Junior Women – Field of 81 teams.

Valencia Wright (U13G) won individual Silver in a time of 9.43.Valencia Wright

“A” team consisting of Valencia Wright (U13G – 9.43), Isla Britton (U15G – 9.51) and Lily Jane Evans-Haggerty (U15G – 9.13) won Silver in an overall time of 28.47.

“B” team consisting of Beth Bushell (GU13) 11:26 (39th) Jenna Little (GU15) 11:18 (42nd) Adrienne Murray (FU17) 10:32 (35th) were overall 35th position in a time of 33.16


Junior Men – Field of 96 teams.

Fraser Gilmour (BU13) 09:33 (6th) David Kirkpatrick (BU13) 09:46 (15th) Callum Byrne (BU15) 09:15 (22nd) – overall 22nd place in a time of 28.34

Russell Barnett (BU13) 09:43 (10th) Devan Miller (BU15) 09:53 (25th) Fergus Blyth (MU17) 09:46 (35th) – overall 36th position in a time of 29.22

Saul McGlennan (BU13) 09:57 (19th) Blayne Wright (BU15) 09:25 (18th) Calum Brown (MU17) 10:21 (38th) – overall 38th position in a time of 29.43


Masters Men – Field of 30 teams.

“B” team consisting of Jonathan Miller (M50) 16:53 (24th) Crawford Little (M50) 15:01 (15th) Peter Jardine (M50) 16:19 (13th) Andy Law (M60) 16:42 (14th) – overall 14th position in a time of 1:04.55


Senior Women – Field of 49 teams.

13 1:05:16 VP-Glasgow AC Mhairi Hendry (F Sen) 15:14 (12th) Philippa Millage (F Sen) 15:10 (5th) Donna Finlayson (F Sen) 17:45 (10th) (Athlete not recorded) 17:07 (13th) – overall 13th position in a time of 1:05.16