Monday, December 17, 2018

British Cross Challenge

The second meeting of the British Cross Challenge was held in a dry but cold Sefton Park, Liverpool on Saturday 28th November.

Very well done to the 8 VP-Glasgow athletes who competed.

The star of the day was Lily Evans-Haggerty who won her U13G’s race 13 seconds ahead of her nearest rival.  Listed below are the times of the competing athletes.

Josephine Moultrie (Senior Women) – 00.28.31

Gillian Black (Junior Women) – 00.15.57

Lily Evans-Haggerty (U13G) – 00.11.09

Isla Britton (U13G) – 00.12.05

Kaitlinn Mackay (U13G) – 00.13.56

Alex Potter (Senior Men) – 00.40.30

Max Milarvie (U17M) – 00.18.39

Jamie MacKinnon (U17M) – 00.19.07


Well done, Lily!

Linda Innes

Cross Country Update

Kenny McVey has updated the site with the latest results from Cross Country and Roads.

Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 21-11-15.

 Erin McIlveen.           10th.     1stLady.     15:13.

 Louis Sharp.              46th.     1stU10.      20:49.

 Colin Rae.                  60th.     8thV40.      22:51.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 21-11-15.

 Crawford Little.           6th.     2ndV45.     19:29.

 Holly Little.                  14th.   1stLady.     20:49.

 Jenna Little.                 27th.   1stU14G.   23:58.

 Lynn Doherty.             52nd.  14thLady.  32:39.

 Dunbartonshire CC Champ.

 Sat. 14-11-15.

 Balloch Castle Park.

 VP. 2nd. Team.

 Martin Hayes.               1st.                        33:01.

 Crawford Little.         12th.     2stV45.      36:35.

 Ian Dunn.                   18th.     3rdV45.      37:27.

 Adam Redpath.         20th.                         38:00.

 Duncan Thomson.    21st.      3rdV40.      38:15.

 Derek Watson.           26th.     2ndV50.     38:40.

 Damien Moore.          47th.                         42:23.

 Tom Ord.                    51st.      6thV55.      42:01.

 Mark Ashby.               56th.     7thV55.      42:36.

 Suzanne Gilmour.      1st.                            25:15.

 Kenny McVey.             29th.     4thV60.      35:50.

 Glen Ogle 33ml. Ultra.

 Sat. 07-11-15.


 Gerry Craig.                  7th.       4:05.07.

 Mark Ashby.                44th.      4:39.29.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 07-11-15.

 Colin Rae.                     36th.     7thV45.     21:33.

 Scottish Short CC Champ.

 Sat. 07-11-15.

 Bellahouston Park.

 Ladies 2nd. Team.

 Jo Moultrie.                   3rd.                            13:44.

 Gillian Black.                  4th.     1stU20.         14:09.

 Erin McIlveen.              23rd.                           15:06.

 Suzanne Gilmour.       33rd.     1stVet.          15:30.

 Mhairi Hendry.            39th.     10thU20.     15:44.

 Julie Dobbin.               67th.                           16:57.

 Clair Thompson.         72nd.                          16:59.

 Sen Men 16th. Team.

 Max Ralston.                14th.                           12:39.

 Adam Redpath.           133rd.                         14:48.

 Peter Jerdine.               146th.     7V45.         14:58.

 Derek Watson.             198th.     7thV50.     15:35.

 Alex Potter.                  226th.     8thV55.     16:03.

 Andy Law.                    253th.     2ndV60.    15:26.

 Tin Farm 5ml Trail Race

 Sun. 01-11-15.


 Andy Law.                      5th.         2ndVet.      35:34.

 South Side Six.

 Sun. 01-11-15.

 Queens Park.

 Gerry Craig.                    5th.          4thVet.      1:42.16.

 Michael Craig.                6th.          5thVet.      1:43.02.

 Alex Potter.                  24th.        2ndV50.      1:50.00

 Christine Catterson.   137th.      25thLady.   2:15.30. 2ndSuperV

 Emma Kay.                  195th.     38thLady.    2:24.14.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 31-10-15.

 Lynn Doherty.               53rd.      4thLV40.      32:17.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.

 Sat. 31-10-15.

 Michael Craig.                 7th.       2ndV45.       18:34.

 Colin Rae.                      56th.                             21:52.

 Chris Sheridan.           125th.                             24:05.

 Rab Daly.                    189th.       3rdV70.        27:10.




National Short Course Championships

The National Short Course Cross Country Championships were held on Saturday 7th November in an extremely wet and muddy Bellahouston Park.  Performances of note are listed below.

Very well done to our U17M team which consisted of Max Milarvie (9.55), Jamie MacKinnon (10.01) and John Law (10.06) winning Gold in a total time of 14.28.

Very well done again to our Senior Women’s team which consisted of Josephine Moultrie (13.44), Gillian Black (14.09), Erin McIlveen (15.06) and Susanne Gilmour (15.30) who medalled with Bronze.

Gillian Black won individual Gold in the U20W in a time of 14.09

Josephine Moultrie won individual Bronze in the Senior Women in a time of 13.44

Suzanne Gilmour won individual Silver in the Masters Women-W40 in a time of 15.30

Andrew Law won individual Silver in the Masters Men-M60 in a time of 16.26

Well done to all VP-Glasgow athletes who took part in very unfavourable conditions and torrential rain.



Linda Innes

National Cross Country Relays

The National Cross Country Relays were held on Saturday 24th October in Cumbernauld.  Performances of note are listed below.

Very well done to our Senior Women’s team which consisted of Gillian Black (14.21), Erin McIlveen (15.37) and Josephine Moultrie (14.10) winning Silver in a total time of 44.08.

Gillian Black won individual Silver in the U20W in a time of 14.21

Josephine Moultrie won individual Bronze in the Senior Women in a time of 14.10

Well done to all VP-Glasgow athletes who took part.


Linda Innes