Friday, May 24, 2019

New Joma Training Tops

Our new Joma training tops have finally arrived at Achilles Heel. They're available now for collection from the store and will also be available online from Monday the 24th of December.

The tops are a polyester fleece with a half-zip opening and reflective detail. A full range of sizes is available now.





Christmas Road Race 2018

This is just a reminder that Victoria Park will be hosting our Christmas Handicap Race on Satrurday the 22nd of December.  If you would like to take part, you should meet on the Club Deck at Scotstoun Stadium prior to 12pm in good time for a 12.30pm start.

We're hoping for a large turnout on the day with competitors aged from 9 to Masters. It's a special event and it's not just for the endurance Athletes.Christmas Road Race

Competitors should arrive bearing a gift for the Lucky Dip. Value in the region of £8 - £9. e.g. Selection boxes/sweets/chocolates for the younger athletes and Bottle of Wine/Box of Biscuits, etc for the adults.

Competitors and their siblings can only collect a present from the lucky dip if they donate a gift on the day.

The event is a handicap race, with the slowest athletes and those not familiar with the distance starting first.

The distances for the event will be 2 miles for the juniors and the 3 and a quarter mile MacAndrew Course for the seniors.  Our Road Runners are welcome to take part in the competitive senior race or join in the fun with the juniors.

Parents will be most welcome and can either join the juniors on their run or assist with stewarding the course.

It's always a fun day with refreshments available on the Club Deck.

Hope to see you there.

Membership Record

While we're still celebrating another successful year on the track and on the roads.  Only one year on from reaching a total membership of 600, the highest in our history, we’ve now reached a new high of 650 members.  Traditionally our members have been recruited from local schools with our 600th member (Martin Ferrie) joining as an eight year old.

This year we decided to target a new group, the parents.  We were aware that parents were dropping their kids off at the Stadium and going for a run.  Many of the parents we spoke to thought that a club of our stature wouldn’t be interested in them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  While we’ve been very successful at bringing young track athletes through to compete at the highest level we haven’t had the same success in bringing in and retaining older Road runners/joggers.

We advertised through our website and social media and found about 40 of our members or parents wanted to be involved in a new joggers network or Road running group.  14 of those expressing an interest also wanted to be jog leaders.  The club paid for the 14 volunteers to attend a Jog Leaders course and by the 22nd of May this year, we had a new road running group leaving Scotstoun at 7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Our inaugural run attracted 30 jog leaders and road runners.

We can now offer the best leadership and coaching from some very experienced volunteers for only £25 per year.  Best of all, you can come along for a month for free before deciding on joining.  That’s fantastic value, when you consider some groups are charging £3.50p per session.

At this moment, the group is open to everyone 4 nights a week and the session plan reflects the level of runners that attend.  Whether you’re aiming to get under 30 minutes for a 10k or starting out with a couch to 5k fitness program, we’ve got enthusiastic leaders ready to help.

You shouldn’t be put off by our history and reputation for success, we didn’t get there by not being open to all and willing to work hard at everything we do.

A measure of the club’s success this year was the 45 medals won by our track and field athletes who competed at the Scottish Championships in August, reaching 650 members was another and next year we expect to report on the number of new road runners who have exceeded their expectations and achieved their own personal goals.

It was no coincidence that the 650th member to join this year was a 45 year old male who has just joined the Road Running group.

Glasgow Life have taken a keen interest in our success and only today sent out a media release which will hopefully be picked up by some of the local papers.  The event coincided with the supply of new hi vis shirts and jackets for our Jog Leaders.  As you can see from the attached pictures, it was a great success.























AGM and Awards 2018

The Annual General Meeting of the Club and our awards presentation will be held on Wednesday the 28th of November 2018 on the Club Deck at Scotstoun Stadium, Danes Drive, Glasgow at 7.30pm.  All members are invited to attend.

In keeping with the procedure from last year, the evening will be in two parts.  Our awards presentation will take place before any other business, followed by a break for pictures and refreshments.

Any of our younger athletes or their parents who might not be interested in the business of the AGM can leave before the meeting resumes.



Awards Presentation

  1. Welcome from Club President.
  2. Secretaries Report.
  3. Presentation of Annual Awards.

  Break (30 minutes)

  1. Photographs with winners and sponsors
  2. Refreshments

 Annual General Meeting

  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. President’s Remarks.
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising.
  4. Treasurer’s Report.
  5. Confirmation of Subscriptions for the following year.
  6. Election of Trustees and Committee Members
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Membership Secretary
    • Welfare Officer
    • Track and Field Secretary
    • Cross Country Secretary
    • Road Running Secretary
    • Junior Representative
    • Men’s Captain
    • Ladies’ Captain
    • Committee members (4 in number)
  1. Appointment of Team Managers for Outdoor Season.
  2. Discussion regarding the future development of the Club.
  3. Any other competent business.


Annual Awards

Our Annual Awards will be presented at the AGM.  New awards will once again be presented this year.  Each athlete will receive an engraved trophy which they will be able to keep.

The historic trophies will be engraved with the winner’s names and remain on display within our trophy cabinet.

The following members will be presented with their Awards at this year’s AGM.

Mhairi Hendry, Meghan Porterfield, Alice Baxendale, Ben Chatham, Abbey Orr, Ross Whitelaw, Claire Thompson, Saul McGlennan, Max Milarvie, Dion Ingram, Anna Tait, Emily Miller, Holly Kirkwood, Jenna Hilditch, Evie Greig, Steven Bryce, Beth Bushell, Sophie Carrick, Ellie Davidson, Connor McNally, Katie Burr, Michael Johnstone, Fraser Gilmour, Callum Paterson and Becky Dunphy.


Club Championships

The following athletes will be awarded medals for success at this years Club Championships.

Olivia Hamilton, Rebecca Reid, Aimee Mullen, Andrew Bain, Nathan Brown, Finlay Hall, Jenna Hilditch, Zoe Wilson, Linda Tacey, Brodie Wright, Kyle Flockhart, Reece Hamilton, Katie Burr, Catriona Scott, Haley Elliot, Luke Johnston, Sholto Kinghorn, Callum Paterson, Alice Baxendale, Keira Maxwell, Oliver Andrews, Adrian Griffith, Sean McCormick, Gavin Roberts, Alasdair Larter, Lauren Gallagher, Ran Yin and Michael Johnston.


Club Cross Country Championships

The following athletes will be awarded medals for success at this years Club Cross Country Championships.

Lucy Blaker, Olivia Hamilton, Jessica Donnelly, Alfie Cairns, Henry Moogan-Sharratt, Matthew Dodson, Amiya Patel, Sophie Sinclair, Rebecca Barnett, Saul McGlennan, Finlay Waters, Kyle Flockhart, Roisin Cameron Coyle, Lucy Yeadon, Fraser Gilmour, Callum Paterson, Sholto Kinghorn, Emma Gilmour, Rhian Callan, Calum Byrne, Suzanne Gilmour, Stephanie Lawrie, Becky Dunphy, Martin Hayes, Craig Johnstone and Stuart Barnett.



Gordon Innes

Club Secretary