Monday, June 25, 2018

Result of Club Championships

The Club Championships were held over 4 evenings from Monday the 12th till Thursday the 15th of September.  The championships were a great success considering 265 athletes took part and set a club record for participation.

Each athlete competed in a sprint, a middle distance race, a throw and a jump.  The performances were compared to the Thistle tables and a numeric score given for each event.  The athletes poorest performance was then discarded and their remaining scores added together.

The medal winners of the U11 boys competition was:

1st equal - Fraser Morgan and Ben Thomson - 66 points.  2nd - Saul McGlennan - 63 points and 3rd Christian McKay - 61 points.

The medal winners of the U11 girls competition was:

1st Zoe Wilson - 66 points, 2nd Rebecca Elsby - 63 points and 3rd Louise Kemp - 54 points.

The medal winners of the U13 boys competition was:

1st Mathew Ireland - 85 points, 2nd Ben Chatham - 75 points and 3rd Connor McNally - 73 points.

The medal winners of the U13 girls competition was:

1st Holly Kirkwood - 75 points, 2nd Ellie Davidson - 69 points and 3rd equal Catriona Scott and Evie Greig - 61 poiints.

The medal winners of the U15 boys competition was:

1st equal James Kemp and Sean McGraw - 103 points, 2nd Adam Cleer - 96 points and 3rd Oliver Andrew - 86 points.

The medal winners of the U15 girls competition was:

1st Alice Baxendale - 75 points, 2nd Lucy Gardner - 73 points and 3rd Rachel Gillespie - 72 points.

The medal winners of the U17 mens competition was:

1st Keaton Donnelly - 123 points, 2nd Tim Cham - 103 points and 3rd Josh Kirk with 61 points.

The medal winners of the U17 womens competition was:

1st Iona Cleer - 67 points, 2nd Niamh Cameron Coyle - 57 points and 3rd Poppy Dempster - 50 points.

The medal winners of the U20 mens competition was:

1st equal Ramesh Sapkota and John Scanlon - 127 points and 2nd Alexander Lewis - 107 points.

The medal winners of the Disability Section are broken into two categories, for the males:

1st Sean McCormick - 125 points, 2nd Darren Carruthers - 90 points and 3rd Gavin Roberts - 85 points.

And for the females - 1st Lauren Gallagher - 48 points.


All of the above will be presented with medals at Novembers AGM and Awards night at Scotstoun.

The full table of results and positions are attached at this link.  This second table includes the discarded event.




Spring Holiday Athletic Camp 2017

Spring Holiday Athletic Camp - Run, Jump & Throw Sessions

VP-Glasgow will be hosting two week of athletics training for children aged 5 to 13 years.

The camps will be held over the Spring break at Scotstoun Stadium.

The dates of the camps will be from Monday the 3rd till Friday the 7th of April and Monday the 10th of April till Friday the 14th of April.

The sessions begin each day at 10am and finish at 2pm with a short break for lunch.  (athletes will need to bring their own food and refreshments)

The cost for the five days of each Camp will be £42.  The cost of attending individual days is £13.

You can book your child onto the camps by following this link.

The Run, Jump & Throw Club (RJT) is a programme designed to give children an opportunity to discover and participate in Athletics activities all year round.

The RJT is tailored to suit children of all skill levels from beginners and less experienced youngsters up to those who have already taken part in introductory athletics programmes, holiday courses or local junior competitions.

The RJT programme offers children a wide variety of Athletics events and techniques, and focuses on the FUNdamental movement skills, important in every child's development.

Events covered include:

Sprints, Hurdles, Shot putt, Javelin, Discus, Long jump, High jump, Relay Races and Endurance

Who is it for?

Children aged from 5 to 13 years who want to have fun, participate, make friends, and learn new and exciting skills.

What do I need to get started?

Just a pair of trainers, a bottle of water and clothing suitable for exercise.

Please book early as places are limited.

Follow this link for bookings.


Club Championships 2016

The Junior Club Championships will be held over four evenings from Monday the 19th of September till Thursday the 22nd of September at Scotstoun Stadium.

The competition will start nightly at 7pm.

Events for the Age Groups:

U11 Girls & Boys – 60m – 600m – Long Jump – Cricket Ball Throw

U13 – U20 Girls & Boys – 100m – 800m – Long Jump – Shot Putt

Disability Group – 100m – 800m – Long Jump – Shot Putt

Best three results will give a points total.  4th best performance doesn’t count towards the points total.


There will be no other training on during this week (unless informed by your coach).

  • The 4 events will be available on all of the nights.
  • Choose 1 of the nights to compete in all the events.
  • Club Championship is only open to current MEMBERS
  • Membership registration & renewal will be available on the night.
  • Declarations will be open from 6pm & close at 6:45pm.
  • Events will start at 7pm prompt  - BE READY & WARMED UP.
  • Medals will be awarded at the club’s AGM in November.

Because of the large numbers involved, we would be grateful for the assistance of any parents. We will require helpers to act as time keepers, distance measuring, throws retrievers and sand rakers.

Over 200 athletes took part last year.

Please let the coaches know if you would like to help out, thanks.

Beth Potter

Beth Potter stopped off at Scotstoun Stadium tonight to visit our disability group. The group is currently coached by her sister Sarah Potter, Becky Dunphy, Peter MacGregor and Linda Innes.

Seven of the group have been selected for next years Special Olympics in Sheffield and they were very impressed by their new role model.

Beth has just returned from the Olympics in Rio and she kindly donated some of her GB training gear and her vest number for our collection.

Our U11's, U13's and U15's were also very excited by her presence and insisted on autographs and selfies before they allowed Beth to go home. Their coaches Alysha Sekhon and Taylor Forrest also enjoyed rubbing shoulders with an Olympian.

Beth spent 90 minutes at the trackside and made lots of new fans before being mobbed at the stadium reception where she spent 30 minutes signing autographs and posing for selfies.  She'll be returning to training very soon to prepare for her next target which will be the World Championships in London.